Version 2.12 Patchlevel 10 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix a bug that causes seg fault when moving from attribute to attribute using <Shift><Tab> (feature introduced in patchlevel 8).

  2. Add a new command, SaveSymInLibrary(), under the FileMenu to save a symbol (.sym) file. This will prompt the user to pick a library directory from the current domain for saving the symbol file.

  3. Add a compile option USE_XAPPLRESDIR to tell tgif to look at the XAPPLRESDIR environment variable first and try to locate the tgif resources if XENVIRONMENT is not set. However, if you machine doesn't support putenv() (such as IBM-RT), then this won't work. Thanks to Jaap Haalboom <> for the suggestion and the code.

  4. Add -gray and -adobe command line options to prtgif. They have the same effects as setting the Tgif*UseGrayScale and Tgif*UsePsAdobeString X defaults to ``true'' (prtgif does not read X defaults).

  5. Allow prtgif to specify a symbol file name.

  6. Try to generate a more compact xbm or xpm file when the bounding box can be figured out exactly.

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