Version 2.10 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Add the ability to zoom in from the default zoom.

  2. Add proportional stretching (scaling) of objects. When stretching objects, if the shift key is held down _after_ stretching is initiated, then scaling mode is activated.

  3. Add ## command to break up text objects into single character text objects. (Since PostScript fonts are a little bit different from X11 fonts, this MIGHT help to minimize the difference between the two in some situations, at the expense of larger file size and slower printing. However, sometimes it might look worse.)

  4. Add #_ and #| commands to join objects end to end horizontally and vertically.

  5. Add #^ command to scroll to the left top corner of the page.

  6. Add a new X default, InitialGrid, to specify the initial grid size.

  7. Fix a couple array index out of range bugs that cause unaligned access warnings on MIPS. Thanks to David Slate ( for tracking down the bugs.

  8. Include and in the distribution for people who doesn't have nroff.

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