Version 1.17 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix bugs to use getwd() to get current working directory. Thanks to Peter Mutsaers ( for pointing it out.

  2. Add color attributes in color PostScript files. (Default for printing is still non-color. Type ^#K to switch to color PostScript output.)

  3. Add dash patterns and change tgif file version to 9.

  4. Add 4 more buttons in the panel (choice window). Now all secondary pop-up menus can be poped-up from the panel (except for the edit menu).

  5. Add the ``UpdateSymbols()'' feature. Selected icons can be ``brought up-to-date'' with the current representations found in the symbol path. Each new icon is placed so that it is lined up at the upper-left corner with the old icon. This feature is accessible by typing ^#U.

  6. If one of the font can not be found, a font with a different dots-per-inch is automatically chosen. If both can not be found, tgif exits. (Apparently some machines only support 100dpi fonts by default.)

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