Version 1.14 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix Imakefile so that it works better with the X11R4 installation. This includes commenting out BINDIR, CDEBUGFLAGS, and MANPATH. Thanks to David Eckelkamp@MCC and Carl Witty@Stanford for their recommentations, and specially David Eckelkamp@MCC for his improvements.

    NOTE: With the current setup, those who wishes to install tgif in places outside of the X11R4 installation has to modify the Imakefile (uncomment the definition for CDEBUGFLAGS, BINDIR, MANPATH, and redefine TGIFDIR). Sorry for the inconveniences.

  2. Add support for 100dpi fonts. (Actually, this was done in the previous release. I forgot to mention it.)

  3. Fix a small bug in display the current font (pixmap not cleared before).

  4. Use XDrawPoint() instead of XDrawLine() in drawing grid points and rotated text. Use the #ifdef construct to get around know server bugs.

  5. Minor enhancement in cleaning up events in adding and deleting points.

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