Version 1.11 Added Features/Bug Fixes

  1. Fix bugs reported by Christos Zoulas regarding prtgif bounding box. Text objects was generating wrong boudning boxes.

  2. When text objects are saved, its bounding boxes are also saved now. This fixes the problem in 1). File version is bumped to 7!

  3. Fix bugs in select.c (change calls to DelObj () to FreeObj ()). This caused segmentation faults when tgif is dbx-ed, it caused XError when not dbx-ed.

  4. Prtgif is cleaned up to share functions with the tgif code. (Turned out to be a lot of changes.)

  5. Add double-clicking in selecting file names. New Xdefaults Tgif*DoubleClickInterval (in milli-seconds) is added.

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